• Your experience begins at our shop where friendly staff will assist you with check-in before showing you, and your fellow parasailers (max 10 people), to the boat for a full safety briefing & fitting of equipment.
  • Sit back, get your camera ready & enjoy a short ride out to the flight zone. 
  • We inflate the chute from the back of the boat before calling you to the rear take-off deck individually. Crew will clip you in securely before gently winching you out for your flight. 
  • Optional water dips (in season) are a fun addition at no extra charge. 
  • After 8-10 minutes of spectacular views, crew will winch you slowly back down to the boat for a soft landing.·        
All guests take their turn from the same boat, so enjoy the additional time on the water - Share the experience, cheer them on and maybe take some photos. (Allow a maximum of 90 mins, from check-in to returning back to the marina, for a full boat load, however most trips are usually 45-60 mins long.)
Solo: $105 per person Must be 12 years or over to fly solo (minimum 60kg)   
Tandem: $90 per person ($180 total) Children under 12 years must fly with an adult (18yrs +)
Family of 4 Package: (2ad+2ch 14yrs & under): $340 (2 x Tandem flights)
Family of 3 Package: (1ad+2ch 11yrs & under): $300 (2 x Tandem flights - Adult flies twice)

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