Frequently Asked Questions - Jet Skiing

Do I need a boat or Jet Ski licence?

No. Under Hire and Drive legislation, you don’t need a licence as you are participating in an organised activity under the supervision of our appropriately qualified guide.

I have never driven a jet ski before – will that matter?

We take the safety of our guests very seriously. Upon check in you are given an online (ipad) safety briefing & quiz, with some essential do’s & don’ts, followed by a verbal briefing delivered by our qualified guide. Opportunity to ask questions is given before kitting you up and taking you down to the jet skis on the dock to demonstrate how to operate the skis. It is important to note that should your guide form the view that you will not or cannot operate the Jet Ski safely at this stage he can cancel your hire, so it is important to listen and comply with his instructions. Jet skis are easy to ride but you need to understand that they are high powered machines and not a toy. You need to understand your own limitations but with our instruction anyone should be able to enjoy time on a jet ski. Please also see our guidelines re the weather below.

Do I have to understand English?

Yes, we do provide very important verbal safety and Jet Ski training briefings and demonstrations so it is important that anyone driving a jet ski understands English.

What sort of jet skis do you have?

We have 5 of the latest Yamaha VX Deluxe’s.

Are there any age restrictions?

To hire a jet ski you must be 16 years old but if under 18 you are required to have a legal guardian over 18 complete an indemnity form at check-in. 12-15 year olds may drive a jet ski if accompanied by an adult over 18 years old. The minimum age for a passenger is 8 years old. Please note that in rough weather we may have to restrict the minimum age due to safety concerns. There is no maximum age, you just need to be physically capable of riding a jet ski.

What times are available?

We have allocated departure times that vary seasonally, so please contact us to check availability. All available days and time slots are shown on the 'book now' calendars. **** FOR SAME DAY BOOKINGS PLEASE CONTACT US BY PHONE 0497 488 011 **** IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR PREFERRED DATE OR TIME SHOWING THEN PLEASE CONTACT US - Other dates or times MAY be available on request subject to numbers.

Do I need to book or can I just turn up at your shop?

Bookings are essential. We highly recommend booking at least the day before you wish to travel, and suggest booking a couple of days before during any school holiday dates. Please note that in quieter times we usually need a minimum of 1 hrs notice to organise a trip if one is not already running. You are welcome to come to our shop in the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina (Previously The Reef Marina) to see what times are running that day but we cannot guarantee hire on demand.

How much time should I allow for Jet Ski hire?

The durations of each trip are shown on the booking pages. Please also allow an additional 45minutes to allow for safety briefings, getting geared up, demonstration of Jet Ski operation etc. Your actually hire time does not start until you are on the water.

If we hire a jet ski for two people can we both drive?

Yes, it is easy to swap drivers at any time while out on the water. Once the ski is turned off, you each move to opposite sides of the ski and swap places before reattaching the lanyard key (kill switch) to the new driver. Children aged 12-15 years can have a go at driving but the adult over 18 years will have the lanyard key attached to them so should they fall off, the jet ski will stop!

I am travelling on my own with 2 children under 16, can I swap the kids over half way through the hire?

Our jet skis can only take two people at a time and unfortunately due to us operating out of the Marina rather than from a beach for example there is not an opportunity to swap passengers over during the hire as you are on open water.

Are there any weight restrictions?

The jet skis have a weight restriction of 200kg max. Please note that the maximum individual weight would be approx. 120kg to take into account the individuals ability of being able to climb back onto a jet ski should they fall off.

How many jet skis can be hired at a time?

We can take a maximum of 5 jet skis out at any one time. So 5 people solo riders or 10 people tandem.

How does the weather conditions affect the jet skiing?

Jet skiing is somewhat subject to weather conditions. We have to assess weather on a daily basis and will always advise you the best we can. Some light rain is not usually an issue as you are likely to get wet anyway but we will usually cancel should we experience heavy rain. The wind levels are of more concern and the play areas are not very sheltered so high wind can bring high waves and swell. If winds are under 10 knots the sea is very calm and suitable for all experience levels and ages. 10 knots – 15 knots will usually be a bit bumpy but is still suitable for solo or tandem hire as long as everyone is confident with the idea of jet skiing. 15 knots – 20 knots is getting rough and is more suited to solo riders but tandems may be ok if riders have experience or are very confident on the water. Over 20 knots is only suitable for solo riders with some experience – the call to run in this sort of weather is made by the Jet Ski guide subject to safety. Please note we may need to restrict the child ages based on the weather conditions due to safety concerns.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Not necessarily - All jet skiers are fitted with a PFD (Personal Flotation Devices) which must be worn at all times. You must be confident enough in the water to be able to swim back to your jet ski, while wearing a life jacket, should you fall off & be physically able to climb back onto the ski with little or no assistance. However, during rougher weather we would have to evaluate the suitability of a non-swimmer due to safety concerns should you fall off the Jet Ski. The decision as to whether a non-swimmer should take part in the activity can only be made on the day of the hire once we are aware of the conditions on the water.

What should I wear and do I need to bring anything with me?

Just wear any comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting wet! Swimwear is fine – but remember to wear sunscreen! Footwear is not worn while on the Jet Ski. We provide PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) and goggles (you are welcome to wear your own sunglasses but just remember, expensive sunglasses tend to sink very fast!). Stinger/lycra suits are provided free of charge during the summer months (Nov-Apr) for protection against possible jellyfish should you end up in the water. Bring reading glasses, if required, for the completion of safety briefings (on an iPad).

Where can I leave my belongings?

You are welcome to leave your belongings in small storage boxes in our shop, which is always manned or locked. You can take small items on the Jet Ski as they do have a small glove box – but we cannot guarantee that this would stay waterproof. Uplift Watersports are not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal belongings. We do have waterproof bags and flotation devices for cameras/phones and sunglasses available for purchase. Ultimately though we do not recommend taking any items on the jet ski that you cannot afford to, or would rather not, lose!

I have a medical condition – will this be a problem?

If you have a medical condition that may affect or be affected by riding a jet ski you need to let us know. For example, but not limited to, Back/Neck issues, Epilepsy & Diabetes. The severity of the issue in comparison to the weather conditions may result in you not being able to participate. If you have any concerns at all that your medical condition could be adversely affected or exacerbated due to your participation you should not Jet Ski.  Regardless of any medical condition you need to be fit enough to be able to pull yourself back up onto the jet ski should you fall off. Pregnant women cannot partake in jet skiing unfortunately.

Conference/ group bookings: We have a very large group that would like to try jet skiing – how do we go about booking this?

We have 5 jet skis available for hire at the moment so can accommodate up to 10 people (tandem) per hire time slot. Arrangements can be made to ‘swap’ large groups around at a public jetty outside of the marina to avoid having to bring everyone back into the marina (saves time) but this can only be done with an advanced booking. Please message us to enquire about group discounts and organisation of large groups bookings.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes we do. You can either purchase a specific activity here online or if you prefer to just purchase a $Value voucher that the recipient can use towards any activity by just paying the difference, then please contact us by phone or email. Vouchers are valid for 12 months. You can also purchase them from our shop with cash or credit card.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations & Changes within 24-12 hours from departure may incur a fee. 50% cancellation charges apply for bookings cancelled/changed the day before travel, unless outside of 24hr prior to actual departure time.  100% cancellation charges apply with no refunds given for same day cancellation/changes or no-shows. With consideration to your safety we reserve the right to cancel hires, without notice but with a full refund, due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. Funds up to the full amount can be deducted from the credit card on file by Uplift Watersports in the event a booking is not cancelled as per Uplift Watersports Terms & Conditions or if any participants fail to turn up at the booked time (ie If you book 3 Jet Skis but only 2 people turn up then you will not receive a partial refund unless cancelled with enough notice. Please note that if you need to amend the date/time of your booking or cancel part or all of your booking you should do this at least 24 hours before travel to avoid any charges being made to your credit card held on file. If we are able to re-sell your Jet Ski at any time prior to the departure time, and we will do our best to do so, then a full refund will be given - so the more notice you give us then the better chance we have of reselling the spot.

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